Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You Can Find Me....In...Saint...Lou-eeee!

Saint Louis often gets a bad rap as the "most violent city in the United States," but don't believe the hype. Besides, I think Detroit regained that title this year. While I have certainly seen my share of 'crazy actin Negroes' in this town, things have certainly improved. I guess it depends on which side of town you visit. The city has much to offer. After all, Nelly is from here...how bad could it be?

Friday, April 25, 2008

"I"m Goin' Back To Indiana"...question is....WHY?

Not every city I visit is a glamour capital. On a recent drive through Gary, Indiana I took a few snapshots of what the town looks like today. I still can't believe that places in the United States still look like this. We have so much work to do people!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Spirtual calm in L.A.? Believe it!

L.A., center of the entertainment universe, is known as much for its smog, traffic and natural disasters as it is for its glamour, celebs and wealth. While many act like a 'star' (especially the wannabees), everyone here is not obsessed with the vapid material culture Hollywood made famous. The town is full of great people and things to do that actually nourish your spirit! Come with me as I tour one of my favorite L.A. spots, Lake Shrine. I've gone to this palace of peace for many years, having let many of my close friends in on the secret of this spiritual gem!

Below I've also included some other photos from my recent visit. I was able to meet up with friends, have sushi, return to Pepperdine and even visit a rather morbid landmark. A weekend of perfect weather made even the traffic jams, high gas prices and pontificating debutantes much easier to stomach. Love it or not, you have to give LA 'props' for the extravagant mess that she is! No place has yet to duplicate her and no place ever will!

Monday, April 7, 2008

BODYWORLDS and THE BLACK HOLOCAUST-- What a Day in Milwaukee

If you are not one of the 25 million who has personally witnessed Bodyworlds you should really make an effort to see this amazing exhibit! Using real human bodies, Bodyworlds graphically displays many of the intricate inner workings of the human machine. Wholly mesmerising at best, a tad gross at worst, Bodyworlds is truly a worthwhile experience.

I'd been trying to see the exhibit for more than two years. It continued to slip by me. Every time I'd arrive in a city where it was scheduled, I was always too late. This weekend while in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (why on earth was I there? LOL), I passed the museum and saw the exhibit was currently showing. I pulled over and attempted to get tickets. This popular exhibit has sold out most days and near capacity crowds on others. When I approached the ticket booth, there was no line and I was admitted into the next showing only 10 minutes after my arrival! Later when I left the building the place was packed. I missed all of the chaos. Now, That's Divine order, baby!

The show really shows how complex and detailed the human machine is. Some of the bodies show the effects of smoking, cancer and obesity on the inside. So often we dont take care ourselves from the inside out and that always manifests itself in unhealthy ways. After all, if your genetalia were plastered across a glass display case for all to see, would u not want them looking their best? Your body is a precious gift...treat it as such, hello?!

The Milwaukee Public Museum also has an expansive display on Native American Indians...you know, the people who were here FIRST? Lean what Hollywood and John Wayne didn't teach you!

Milwaukee is also home to the America's Black Holocaust Museum. Here you will learn the one thing about U.S. history not taught in most education systems....TRUTH! As you enter the museum through the belly of a ship crossing the Middle Passage, you instantly see this is not depicted as some sugar coated oceanic expedition. For once can we start having some real discussions about our history?The graphic detail here is compelling and should be a part of every school's curriculum.

The Black Holocaust Museum also features Wisconsin's history during the Civil Rights Movement. While we often focus on Little Rock Arkansas for desegregation, Wisconsin has an integral role in the Civi Rights struggle as well.

Much to my surprise Milwaukee is not just cold weather, beer and 'Laverne & Shirley'. Its not a whole lot more,lol, but it is more. Every community in this world has worth!

I hope you enjoy! As always, thanks for letting me share.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Still on my high from "The B.Scott Experience" (today he featured me on lovebscott.com) I had to pack up the next day and head to Madrid, Spain. I've been to Europe many times, but this was my first time to Madrid. I hit the streets immediately so I could partake of this city's European energy.

While walking we overheard another tourist speaking English so I asked her if she was familiar with a plaza we were headed to. She was very helpful with directions, but did mention how she didn't find the Spanish terribly friendly or helpful. I did not find that. Aside from the usual, 'you sure as hell aunt from here' stares I often get internationally, I found people to be quite positive.

It a mess how Americans get all stank when someone doesn't speak English...when we are in THEIR country. We say they are rude (Paris) or unfriendly (Spain). Now if that aint the weave callin the wig fake! When was the last time we (Americans) stopped to help someone on U.S. soil who did not speak English? Were they upset because you didn't speak their language? You don't know, cuz you paid them ‘dust’ (no attention). You probably started shouting "Immigration! Immigration!" when their native language was actually Russian or Swahili.

The lesson here is let’s all practice a little more patience with others. You never know when you may need that favor returned!