Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3LWTV Ep#15 --Who's Rockin' Your iPod? - Artist Spotlight--Anthony Antoine

Independent Recording Artist Anthony Antoine is back with a hot new album project. The first single, "Who's Rocking Your iPod?" is a club banger that definitely gets you off of your feet.

Anthony held an intimate screening and listening party for his closet friends recently. He invited 3LWTV to come along. Get into this episode. Be sure not to miss the full length video of "Who's Rockin' Your iPod?"

The Atlanta based AIDS prevention/treatemnt organization ARCA was on hand to provide free HIV and STD testing along with educational materials. Party with a purpose!

You can support Anthony and purchase his album here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back to Beijing!

Here are a few pics from my return to Beijing, China. To all of my Myspace, Facebook and Twitter friends, thank you so much for following me on this trip! Your comments were hilarious and healing!

Music in this slide show is from the new Anthony Antoine project "Who's Rockin Your iPod?". It also includes a cover of Janet Jackson's "If". Get in to it! Available at

Look for an upcoming 3LWTV episode on the trip.

Always Stand In Your Light!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

3LWTV Ep# 13 YoboiNewnue Takes On The Nation's Capitol!

I recently sat down with YoboiNewnue of Dallas (originally New Orleans) while he was on tour to promote his web show, Yoboinewnue We dined over sushi and drove around town. Newnue responded to the reaction his video "How The Hell Are You Born Gay?", a video that has caused a nationwide controversy over the source of sexual orientation. Newnue also discusses relationshisp, his new show, and why as a precher's kid, he has not been to church in three years.

Get into the video here:

Monday, March 9, 2009

Anthony Martin - Gone Too Soon: November 18, 1980 - March 2, 2009

Yesterday I attended the Homegoing Services of my good friend John Anthony Martin. While the ceremony was beautifully crafted, I still had trouble realizing that he is no longer here. I do not know why he was taken so early in his young life, but I do know that Divine Order reigns supreme and it is with clear purpose his Spirit is needed elsewhere.

I had the chance to meet many of his family members and it was clear that he was surrounded in nothing but love. As I sat in the back of the New Life Ministries church in Valdosta, GA teary eyed and overwhelmed, I experienced a true sense of peace knowing that Anthony's light continued to shine in the lives of all he touched.

Here are a few photos of my friend and roommate. Rest in peace knowing that all of us are holding your loved ones in prayer. Thank you for touching our lives in such a powerful way. Love you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Black and Gay In America: Aren't We Black Too?--BlackOut at Georgia State Panel Discussion --3LWTV Ep# 8

When I walked into the Speaker's Auditorium on the Georgia State Campus it was very clear, the target audience for this evening's event. A Huge Audio/Visual Slide on the stage clearly pronounced the evening's topic: "Black and Gay In America: Aren't We Black Too?" When I saw the acronym LGBTQIQ I immediately thought WTF? I was immediately curious as to what we are calling ourselves now. It reminiscent of going from colored, to black, to Negro to Afro-American to African American and so forth. Talk about an identity crisis.

After my initial curiosity was peaked, I nestled into a seat anxiously awaiting the panel discussion. The evening was billed as "Stemming from the absence of the Black LGBTQIQ community in the CNN special “Black in America," BLACKOUT thought it imperative to discuss why we are excluded from the day -to-day discussions of the Black experience and solutions for our inclusions. Come and here a spirited and honest talk about the Black LGTBTQIQ community, ask questions to become informed and be inspired to make a difference". I is. LOL

The esteemed panelists included:

Dr. Adia Harvey Wingfield, an Assistant Professor specializing in Race, Class & Gender, Work & Occupations, Social Theory. Her primary focus has been on how intersections of race, gender and class construct working-class Black women's experiences as entrepreneurs.

Moya Bailey, a Spelman Cum Laude graduate currently attending Emory University, as a Women's Studies Graduate Fellow. She authored "Why I'm Over Tyler Perry" as well as co-authored "Disability Identity."

Charles Stephens, Program Coordinator for the Deeper Love Project, a sexual health and community empowerment program targeting black gay men.

Tahjee Iman: Andrea Clairborne, a Financial Advisor, professional entertainer and Transgender female.

Take a look at some highlights of the discussion.