Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have arrived Miami and am amazed that I was able to get this posted so quickly. Sizzle Miami raises the bar once again with this year's Memorial Weekend blowout! Truly a red carpet experience, Sizzl-ers come with high expectations ready for a seamless party experience! On the eve of the launch, Sizzle Miami owner Dwight Powell hosted an invitation only VIP reception at an undisclosed high rise overlooking Miami.

Upon my arrival I was met by Security and a Sizzle staff member who verified all guests were on the list. Thank God I knew him cuz they sure did forget to add me. LOL. Actually there was no beef, they were expecting me! How fierce. I am cleared and step into the elevator where I am quietly whisked to the 22nd floor. Entering the spacious condo I am immediately impressed with its simple elegant decor, and the bevy of beautiful faces that greet me. I am immediately greeted by Dwight Powell and welcomed to Sizzle 2009. Gracious, humble, handsome and immaculately dressed, Dwight is at home in his role as host. While these affairs can typically be full of uppity Negroes flashing knock off Gucci while pontificating as if they are somebody, this VIP reception was just as it was billed...classy and chic! A great mix of party goes ready to take this exciting venture.

I had an opportunity to make new friends, lust over a few hot bodies I would have done right there on the vodka stand, and catch up with friends in from other cities. Attendees included Directors Maurice Jamal"Dirty Laundry,' Patrik-Ian Polk "Noah's Arc," Dwight Allen O'Neal "ChristopherStreetTV," Sizzle 2009 Cover Boy Jared Miller and NYC dancer Flez, the finest Dominican mofo I have ever seen....and ya'll know I have seen some perfection when it comes to men from that island! God just leaned His hand on them with the beauty thing just a lil longer than the rest of us!

The evening was sponsored by Ciroc Vodka...the official vodka of Sizzle Miami!

Get in to the video of last night. Please don't expect the rest of the festivities to be posted this quickly. Thank you!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Here are a few photos from my recent visit to Austin, Texas. There has been a lot of development in the downtown area since my last visit six years ago. Though many expensive condos have developed the skyline, there is much about Austin that remains familiar. Lots of live music, bustling nightlife, cowboys, food and yes, big hair. Texas is still Texas.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Fans across the world are shouting out and sending love to our diva, Janet Jackson. Anyone who knows me is well aware of my 30year connection with Miss Janet. Janet's music has been the soundtrack to most of my life and like other divas Madonna, Whitney, Jody and Tina she paved the way for many of these girls out here today. Look at anyone on top today and you clearly see they have studied these originals!

Unlike many fair weather friends...your words J say it best... I'm here 'thru thick and thick to thin...I'll love you til the know its true my're alright with me!"

Happy Birthday Janet (I can say that instead of congratulations, right? --TRUE fans will get that--LOL).

Get into the video of fan reaction after her concert in Washington D.C. last October.

Love you Donk!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Los Angeles-- Walking into the legendary "Catch One" nightclub in daylight was a strange experience for me. In my early party years this venue was my Friday night/Sat morning home on a far too regular basis. Arriving the club in broad daylight with no line of hot boyz decked out in skimpy club wear, I could not believe I was in the right place. I had to chuckle as I navigated the building trying to locate the book signing by novelist Lamar Ariel. As if I'd hadn't seen every crevice of the the Catch previously lol. So after asking a staff member for directions, I located the reading room. Arriving punctually ay 7pm was my mistake. Organizers, In The Meantime, had obviously been down this road before and were prepared for a late start. As brothas trickled in and got settled, the room was full by the actual start at 7:50pm.

A very personal, not to mention deviously cute Lamar Ariel took the podium and began to read from his debut novel "Ready To Male." Gripping, funny and personal, Ariel immediately captured the audience's attention. Ready to Male is a series of letters written to and about those who have taught and continue to teach Ariel how to love.

From the chapter titled, "Find Him Keep Him, Lose Him Weep Him" to "Is It Me Or Is It New", Ready to Male visits deep emotions of depression, anger, loneliness, denial, growing and preparing for change. Deeply personal and engaging Ariel takes us on a riveting journey of trial to triumph...a journey he continues to perfect.

The book signing was sponsored by L.A. based, In The Meantime, LA based men's organization focusing on wellness, education and health care solutions. Other writers showing support in the audience this evening include Stanley Bennett Clay and Cleavester Brooks, Editor of SGL Living Magazine

"Ready To Male" is available at as well as many other retail outlets. Show your support!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


The 14th annual "Winter Explosion" proved to be an incredible weekend of party, fellowship and entertainment. Fantasia headlined the event and according to those in attendance turned it OUT! My good friend Duane was kind enough to share a few images from the weekend. In addition to Fantasia guests enjoyed a 70's party, a white party as well as a slew of other themed events. Writer/Director Maurcie Jamal ("Dirty Laundry") was also in attendance with his new film "Friends and Lovers."

According to the Winter Explosion website, 2010 will be the 15th and final year for Winter Explosion. Here are some pics from this year. Get in to Duane's pics.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


"Swag Alert!" Tall, deliciously dark, and "fall-out" phyne M.W. Moore strolls into Atlanta's Outwrite Bookstore with a "swag" that makes EVERYONE take notice. Youthful, confident, intriguing and sexy; I refused to believe this man was 49 years old (and I thought I was doing something)! LOL.

In this episode of 3LWTV, novelist M.W.Moore stops by Altanta's Outwrite Bookstore for a reading and signing of his latest novel, "An About Face." M.W. Moore is easily pleasing to the eye and many a tongue were waggin' as he entered the bookstore.

During the signing M.W. spoke candidly about his life including time spent in prison for bank robbery. He revealed an intimate look at the day to day life behind bars. If the HBO series "Oz" was a favorite of yours, then you will definitely be turned on and OUT by Moore's frank discussion on prison sex. Lawd...have mercy!

An amazing life journey this man has had so far. He sheds light on his being on the "down low," being a "homophobic homosexual", and living with HIV. He answers questions about the irresponsible actions that caused him to become positive, and gives an update on his health status today.

Watch highlights from his book signing in this episode of 3LWTV. This is not to be missed!