Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Can You Hear What I'm Saying? An Erotic Anthology" The legendary James Earl Hardy is back with an all new book!

Legendary author James Earl Hardy of the iconic B-Boy Blues series, returns with his first short story collection, “Can You Feel What I’m Saying?” An Erotic Anthology.”  Fans of the B-Boy Blues series know no one can quite describe a hot love scene from the African American SGL perspective better than Hardy!  In this anthology Hardy gives readers more of what they are ready for AND as always much to leave jaws agape.  Whether he’s sharing the tale of a 40 year old ‘born again’ virgin’s lust for his 20 year former student or the maintenance man’s house (booty) call, these salacious stories will have your break out in a sweat while praying that no one sees what may appear as your obvious, inappropriate pleasure!  

“Can You Feel What I’m Saying?”  Um, yes boo, we certainly can!  We are so glad you are back!

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