Sunday, December 16, 2012

DBQ Magazine Lists Me Among "The Loud 100 LGBT People of Color"

When I started this blog and subsequently, 3LWTV, I did not have the intention of being 'recognized.' Sure,  I wanted our community to empower itself, but it clearly wasn't about me, per say.   I am humbled and honored that so many in the community have embraced my efforts and overwhelmed when the recognition is public, like my recent inclusion in DBQ Magazine's "The Loud 100 LGBT People of Color" list.  I don't strive to make 'lists,' I strive to be excellent.  With that effort however, often comes recognition.  Truly a blessing.

DBQ Magazine is a quarterly publication which highlights the important issues, movers and shakers and so much more in LGBT communities of color.  Much like 3LWTV, the publication is an inspirational and a healing resource for us all.  I cannot describe my joy seeing so many of us making moves in the world as our true, authentic selves!  This truly makes my heart smile!

I had the opportunity to meet DBQ Mag founder, David Bridgeforth, during my recent visit to NYC.  I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to sit down with such a powerful force in the new generation of  leaders!  His focus, talent and work ethic give us all reason to be proud!

I strongly encourage you to support the efforts of DBQ Magazine by subscribing here:

I hope you enjoy the magazine as much as I do.  Again, thank you DBQ Magazine for including me on your list and more importantly, for the incredible work you continue to do!

Keep standing in your light!

David Bridgeforth and Me in NYC 12/15/2012

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