Tuesday, December 18, 2012

G-List Society Names Me In Their #BLACKGAYSROCK Top 50 For 2012!

View Entire List HERE.

I have to say once again, I am honored, humbled and surprised to be named again as one of the most influential people of 2012.  Seeing that this comes directly from the community I represent, the recognition has special significance.  I do not do what I do because I aim to make lists, but I am very appreciative!  To see so many people in the community blazing trails continues to make my heart smile.  I appreciate everyone on this list as well as the countless others not mentioned here but whose work is equally as influential.  As long as each of us continues to stand in our own light, love and support one another, we will continue to show the world just how much we do matter!

Thank you G-List Society for the honor and much love to all the personalities mentioned.  Let's keep moving forward on the path of positivity!  An amazing year this has been, let's take it to new heights in 2013.  Love RULES!!!!!