Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sizzle Miami Owner Dwight Powell Gives Exclusive Sneak Peek at Sizzle 2012

During my latest visit to Miami I spent time with Dwight Powell, owner and Founder of Sizzle Miami, the largest urban LGBT event ANYWHERE.  While I have known Mr. Powell for several years, today was the first time I ever got a chance to see some of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make Sizzle a powerhouse celebration.

Sizzle patrons expect five days of non-stop amazement, but rarely, if ever, do they consider what it takes to emplace an event of this magnitude.  I have a whole new respect for the Sizzle brand and the work it takes to complete this supreme production.  After a tour of their impressive headquarters, Mr. Powell sat down and gave me an exclusive sneak peek into some of the top secret plans for this year's event.   Unfortunately for you, those plans have to remain top secret...for now!  Know this though.... Sizzle 2012 promises to be the most exciting Sizzle yet!   If you have not booked your space you would want to do that at once.   Sizzle sells out every year!  See you there!

For booking and information on Sizzle Miami visit:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"I Will Always Love You" - Dubai Water Show PLUS 3LWTV Tribute to Whitney Houston

During my trip to Dubai last November I stood mesmerized by the voice of Whitney Houston as her career defining smash, "I Will Always Love You" played over the huge pool synced to a spectacular water and light show.  Though I watched several songs featured including Michael Jackon's "Thriller," I was moved to record only Whitney's.  I hope you enjoy, as well as the candid tribute at the end of the video.

Gone way too soon.
Watch HERE.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston - We Will Always Love You!

As you know, today we lost another of the last true superstars, the incomparable, Whitney Houston.  I'm not surprised by the outpouring of love and prayers expressed however I am saddened by the malice and sarcasm some choose to take via their social media platforms.  While I was not a 'stan' of Whitney's, I was and am a fan who truly appreciates the legacy of her gift.  200+ million records sold.  200.  Million. Can you even count that high?  Right.

I first met Whitney at the Bel Air Hotel many years ago.  I was there for the release party of her third solo album, "I'm Your Baby Tonight."  Those few moments where I got to interact with her personally will forever be treasured.  In an instant, this woman charmed and gave me an appreciation for her immense talent.   In subsequent meetings, she was equally as the time she dropped off her step son Landon off at his mom's (my neighbor Malikah, who was then married to Carl Payne of "Martin") in front of my apartment building.  I remember looking out my window going 'THAT'S WHITNEY F'ING HOUSTON"...and immediately running downstairs to 'check my mail'.   She was so nice and humble.  She was just an everyday fierce black woman doing an everyday thing...except that 'whip' was anything but ordinary. LOL   It was great to see this normal woman under normal circumstances.   During my tenure in Hollywood, I had other opportunities to interact with her as well.

Sadly we often don't appreciate someone until they are no longer here.  Holding on to angst, fear, hurt etc. only stalls our own healing.  Much has been reported about Whitney's life and the pressures of superstardom, most of it sensationalized.  Instead of praying for and with her, all too often many of us choose to highlight the negative, in a misguided effort to alleviate our own personal pain.  Celebrities are people too.  Though few of us will ever never know what went on in her heart, Whitney the vocal genius, gave us a legacy that will NEVER be forgotten.  I will continue to hold her mother, daughter, family, friends and fans up in light love and prayer.

This early exit is yet another wake up call for all of us to start loving ourselves more....yes ourselves...because we must start there before we can love another.  Entertainers are supposed to entertain. Unfortunately in this age of information overload, we expect so much more. We no longer let them have a private life.  We no longer allow them to experience any form of normalcy. We wait anxiously for the slightest imperfection so we can be the first to Tweet a clever punchline.

The trajectory of mankind, especially in our culture, is tragically on a path of negativity for which it cannot sustain.  Regardless of how you feel about Whitney Houston, or anyone else for that matter, take a moment to get naked with yourself...hug yourself.  The path to healing starts acknowledging the need!  Are you living your purpose?  Do you truly have sustainable joy?  Not that external stuff you 'present' to the world, but deep within the depths of your soul?  If you don't, you're hurting...and you don't have to.   Strife is not why we are here.  Live authentically.  If you can't lift someone (including yourself) up without putting another down, then please keep your negativity stifled until you can communicate constructively.   Open yourself to some much needed healing.  Be mindful of the energy you put forth into the universe.   Humor and sarcasm all have their place, but know where to draw the line.  Acrimony. Jealousy. Hatred. Envy.  No bueno.

We are so much better than this!  Whitney Houston...thank you for inspiring millions by sharing your VOICE...may your legacy continue to encourage positivity! We love you. We miss you.  We bless you. We thank God for you!

One last parting thought:


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Black History...Pass It On!

Beautiful! Lord knows we spend enough time tearing each other down from the safe confines of our keyboards. Thank you Janet, Madonna, Beyonce, GaGa, Tina, Diana, Barbara, Celine, Cher and the countless other fierce women who have inspired the masses through your music and messages. Positivity rules! Leave those who choose to exercise their negativity to wallow in their own self can't help a hater...its their way of showing love. Black history, Human History, LOVE RULES!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

RockStars Production Hosts Aquarian Bash In ATL

This weekend Rockstars Production hosted the Aquarius Party at Atlanta's Club 595 North.  Packed with wall to wall cuties this event was an evening of nonstop fun.  This is why many black gay men are drawn to ATL...on an average Saturday night there are so many options!

Here are a few images from the evening.  If you are trying to obtain a copy of your own pic you can get it here.  Please note that once you download or have the image mailed to you, it will NOT contain the logo.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Testing Makes Us Stronger ATL Launch- New 3LWTV!

Yesterday I attended the ATL launch of the Testing Makes Us Stronger campaign.  Sponsored by the CDC and Fulton County Dept. of Health and Wellness, this public health initiative targets African American gay/sgl/bisexual men encouraging them to get tested for HIV.    "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-star Dwight Eubanks was on hand to help launch the festivities.  While many of you contact me on all sides of the HIV/AIDS issue, I want to be clear that my standpoint is that I want everyone to make clear, informed decisions for their personal health.  Furthermore, I wish to eliminate any stigma in our community surrounding negativity in ANY form!  That being said, please enjoy and share this video!  I love you!