Thursday, June 28, 2012

Atlanta White Party 2012- 3LWTV Highlights!

I recently attended the annual White Party in Atlanta, sponsored by Warren Huntley Presents and 5FRIENDS4Life.  An evening full of beautiful men and women celebrating life!  Its always such a joy to participate in these events because I am constantly reminded of the power of positivity!  One of the few ATL LGBT events where the men & women party together, the White Party welcomes and provides a comfortable atmosphere for all.

Watch the latest 3LWTV episode featuring the highlights here: White Party ATL - 3LWTV Video

Thursday, June 21, 2012

4x Cancer Survivor Is An IronMan! Vote for Mike Thompson!

I was recently introduced to an amazing young man, Mike Thompson, via my Twitter friend, @CrusePhoto (Oprah introduced us!).  Thompson swims, bikes, runs, and paddles!  Diagonosed with a rare leukemia he has overcome fear and depression and now spends his time fighting against cancer and training for Ironman events!  His testimony is truly one of power of the human spirit!

Please check out Mike's short video on "Kona Inspired" and meet this incredible young man.  Also, please VOTE for him on the page.  There's a button right underneath the video screen.  Please pass the video along and let's help Mike win!

Four time cancer survivor...What is it again that YOU can't do?  Stay strong Mike and continue to INSPIRE!

Always Stand In Your Light!

View Mike's video HERE.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oprah Tells Why She Chose To Interview The Kardashians

When you are as influential as Oprah Winfrey, every choice you make is subject to extreme public scrutiny.  No stranger to controversy, Ms. Winfrey always stands her ground.  Her recent choice to interview the Kardahsian family again has prompted much speculation.  Is she desperate for ratings?  Will this diminish her brand?  The ridiculous inquiries continue.  Oprah Winfrey always proceeds with purpose.  She tells the online radio show, Kempire Radio exactly why she chose to conduct this interview.  One thing is very clear... Ms. Winfrey puts in the hard work and calls her own shots.  The Oprah Winfrey phenomenon is not mere happenstance.

Last night, via Twitter, Ms. Winfrey introduced me (if you don't know by now, Ms. Winfrey tweets me often, praise the Lord!) to Kempire Radio.  Ms. Winfrey called in for an exclusive interview in response to Kempire's question of the night, "How do you feel about Oprah interviewing the Kardashians?"

Ms. Winfrey speaks in depth as to why she chose to interview this family which has become a cultural phenomenon.  "I talks to people...for a living" - Oprah tells Kempire, in reference to the Kardashian question. "I try to uplift the consciousness... let people have insight into our own selves, and our culture, by looking at other people's stories...thats what I do." Her insight and forthright candor make one eager to see exactly what transpires during the Kardashian interview.

In the Kempire interview, Ms. Winfrey also addresses critics who say she's choosing such interviews simply for ratings.  Again, her candor triumphs.  She goes into great detail on the business of television and building her network.   Its very clear to see why Oprah Winfrey connects with millions...she's always honest and she truly 'walks the walk'.   I am very impressed with Kempire who keeps the interview moving, while clearly displaying his respect and love for Ms. Winfrey.  This interview is not to be missed!

Be sure to check out my new bud Kempire and subscribe to his show!  Kempire, I'm so glad Oprah introduced us!

"Oprah's Next Chapter" with the Kardashian family premiers Sunday, June 17 on the OWNTV network.  Be sure to check it out!  This is television the way it was meant to be!

Thanks for all of your love and support of 3LWTV.  Always stand in your light!

Watch the interview with Kempire below.  You should also subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

All New "Pillow Talk" w/ Singer Marck Angel

In this new episode of "Pillow Talk" I welcome singer Marck Angel for a candid conversation on a variety of topics including gays adopting, marriage, music, family, religion, sexuality and so much more.  Please be sure to comment and share this video!

Thank you!

To view video click here:

For more info on Marck Angel visit

Monday, June 4, 2012

Inferno Puerto Rico...muy caliente! 3LWTV

I recently attended the annual celebration, Inferno Puerto Rico!  What an incredible time!  This 5 day event takes place during Memorial Day weekend and is full of wonderful activities for beautiful people!  Great food, beaches, sunshine were just the beginning.  Inferno events offer a chance to bond, make friends and truly experience the culture of the destination visited!  The team at Inferno always treat me so well!  They treat all of their guests like stars!  Can't wait to visit again!  Check out the video below:

Safer Sex PSA From AConnectionTV

I recently was invited to participate in this Safe Sex PSA by my friend Wesley Henderson of AConnectionTV.  Watch as a few friends share on the importance of protecting yourself!  Enjoy, and please share.

Thank you AConnectionTV for inviting me to participate!