Thursday, July 26, 2012

Braxton Sisters Support Reco Chapple Swimwear Launch

Fashion mogul Reco Chapple recently launched his summer swimwear line during an all out pool party/fashion show in Atlanta.  Joined by his celebrity clients, Trina and Towanda Braxton (co-stars of WeTv's series "Braxton Family Values"), the show featured many of his latest creations.  All items are available at his House of Chapple website.

Watch the video HERE.

Friday, July 20, 2012

"Welcome To Sweetie Pies" - My Visit To The Popular Restaurant

While visiting St. Louis today I had the opportunity to dine at "Sweetie Pies," the soul food restaurant featured on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) television network series, "Welcome To Sweetie Pies."  I was excited to visit their newest location (there are 3 in the city), "The Upper Crust."  I arrived shortly after the lunch rush but before dinner, so it was not crowded.  Camera crews were in tow so I knew I'd likely see one of the cast members!

While eating my lunch (the food is divine), several people kept asking me to take pictures.  Hilarious.   I savored the baked chicken, seasoned veggies, lemonade and peach cobbler while truly admiring the incredible job they did on the construction/decoration of this venue.  Beautiful portraits, spacious seating, intimate banquet room, and spacious patio make for an inviting dining experience.

Ms. Robbie's testimony speaks AGAIN to the power of infinite potential.  This woman had a vision for her business and it is nothing short of incredible to see the latest plan come to fruition.   Sweetie Pies is not just about great food, its about family and dreams.  

Shortly after I finished dining, Charles, Ms. Robbie's nephew emerged, just like on the show, was on his cell phone and doing no work. LOL   He was very sweet though and hung up the phone briefly to speak and pose for pics with me.    I also met Ms. Robbie's grandson, Andre, who was also very personable and who was actually working! LOL. He also took time to chat and take pics.

After leaving "Sweetie Pies Upper Crust" I went to get my hair done by Michael, a stylist referred by a friend.  While in the chair I saw that my Twitter bud Oprah Winfrey was tweeting from the set of the movie she's filming in New Orleans.  I sent her a tweet saying I'd eaten at Sweetie Pies today.  She replied asking if I tried the banana pudding.  I hadn't.  I actually had the peach cobbler.  I decided to head to the other Sweetie Pie's location at Mangrove and see if I could get some there.  Upon arrival I saw Tim Normal, Ms. Robbie's son, working hard running the restaurant, charming the guests and just being an all around nice guy.  I ordered the banana pudding, but they were out.  When I showed Tim Oprah's tweet, he instructed me to apologize on his behalf but let her know I did get (more) cobbler!  I did. 

If you are ever in St. Louis, be sure to visit Sweetie Pies...great food, great people and just a real good time.  Definitely worth the trip!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sizzle Miami 2012 Booze Cruise & More!

In this all new episode of 3LWTV I climb aboard the annual Booze Cruise for an afternoon of 'ratchet proportions'!  The kids DO NOT hold back!  I caught up with many popular YouTubers including my good friends The Skorpion, Africanoboi, AConnectionTV and so many more!  Meet some of the patrons of Sizzle and see why they continue to return year after year!

To watch the video CLICK HERE.