Friday, August 17, 2012

A New Beginning...Meeting Oprah Winfrey!

Living my life from a space of gratitude has taught me to not be surprised by incredible blessings but to simply continue appreciating them.  I've met many celebrities, some nice, others...not so much.  Lifetime highlights include my all time favorites, MJ, Janet, and Whitney.  I even had the pleasure of experiencing the wrath of Madonna back in the day!  I once shared a chocolate dipped strawberry with actress Jodie Foster at rock star Sting's concert after party.  Hung out with the likes of Will Smith, New Edition, Kirk Cameron...the list goes on.  Patti LaBelle holding me and singing happy birthday on my 25th was MAJOR, even my initial brief encounter with Oprah Winfrey back in 1997 was life changing.    Nothing, however, compares to what happened Monday when I not only me Oprah again, but was treated like VIP royalty!

A couple of months ago I saw that Ms. Winfrey had taken to Twitter and actually responded to a few of my friends.  I was so excited for them! I thought I'd give it a try.  Our friendship, began when she simply replied "thanks" to one of my Tweets.  You couldn't tell me I hadn't just won the lottery!  I was ecstatic!  A few days later I sent another Tweet, this time she replied, using my name...spelled correctly I might add.  I was over the moon!  I was supporting her television network from its inception but her Tweets simply increased that passion!

The moment when I began to realize this connection was one where she actually recognized me occurred while soaring 35,000 feet above mainland China, headed to Singapore.  You see, I was in Japan a few days earlier and Tweeted that I was suffering from withdrawal from OWN programming (not available in Japan).  She replied to that Tweet, "Deep Thanks for your comment about OWN Lonnell."  So while on this flight I sent another tweet to which she replied, "You still in Japan?"  I was trying to contain myself but it was clear that something deeper occurred with this connection.  She remembered me!

From then on we've been in constant contact.  I Tweet often during new episodes of OWN shows.  Ms Winfrey often Tweets during those times as well.   As our Twitter relationship's visibility grew others took delight in our constant correspondence.  That truly made me feel good because others were just as excited about our Twitter-ship.

On Monday when I was invited to a taping of her "Life Class" series as her special guest, everything changed.  From Twitter buds to actually meeting in person again (I did meet Oprah briefly in 1997 in NYC after a taping of her show which Janet Jackson got me tickets).  This week was different because this time Oprah knew me and was excited to see me! Wow! Life changing!

I don't expect anything from Ms. Winfrey, I simply appreciate her.  I truly believe in her vision and have seen the principles she demonstrates truly work wonders in my own life.  Gratitude! Expectation no...appreciation...yes.

Here's the video recap of my monumental moment with Oprah.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired in some way to continue pursuing your dreams!  God bless!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Join Our "Tweet Up" Discussion of the book "The Untethered Soul" - Win a copy!

My Twitter bud and friend Oprah Winfrey... you've heard of her, right?  Well anyway Ms. Winfrey constantly turns the world on to uplifting, life changing books.  As a result of constantly immersing myself in such space, I've noticed incredible changes in my life!

A couple of weeks ago she featured author Michael Singer and his book "The Untethered Soul," on her Emmy Award Winning Sunday morning show "Super Soul Sunday," found on her very own, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)!   Profound in nature, this book actually altered the trajectory of my spiritual growth.  All that I knew up to this point in my life was challenged in a major way!  I am constantly amazed at life and its unlimited potential!

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of "The Untethered Soul," or order directly here and join us in our "Tweet Up" discussion, Friday August 24, at 8p EST.  We will share thoughts, passages, quotes, etc.  Would love to hear your a-ha moments while reading the book.  Won't you join us?

We will also give away two free copies of the book during the night!  Made courtesy of the publisher, New Harbinger, we are excited to have you join in this exciting "Tweet Up."  Follow me on Twitter for details @3lwtv.